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The ACASE Assessment Information System (AIS) is an application geared towards ACASE’s core directive that "The great educational challenge of our times is to know the learner." AIS is specifically designed for teachers, supervisors, evaluation specialists and educational researchers. It provides critical support for instructional planning to improve student attainment on well defined learning goals.

Graphic displays show individual, student, and class performance on each learning goal. All reports are as current as the most recent assessment and cover the student's entire career - including assessments by prior instructors. This longitudinal tracking allows teachers to observe student performance over the course of a student's career, so a teacher has meaningful information about student performance on outcomes - even before the first day of class.

AIS supports:

  • Educational planning for individuals and groups (e.g. classes, boys)
  • Educational evaluation
  • Action research
  • Resource allocation
  • Professional development

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